General regulations for the accommodation of pets
at the Hôtel-Motel Belle-Plage

  • We accept pets at a cost of $50.00+tax per animal, for the duration of the stay.
  • The owner is responsible for damages caused by his pet and will have to pay all related costs.
  • The Hotel-Motel Belle-Plage reserves the right to not accept pets disturbing other guests or displaying inappropriate behavior during the stay.
  • Don’t forget to pick up your pet poop. Bins are provided for this purpose.
  • To enter or leave the hotel facilities, you must always keep your pet on a short leash.
  • Your pet may not be left alone in the room at any time, in order to avoid any barking or crying that may cause inconvenience to other guests staying there, as well as any damage to the furniture in the room.
  • Please do not place your pets on beds and sofas.
  • Do not wash pets with the hotel towels.
  • Before booking, please advise that you are traveling with a pet. Pets are prohibited in the main building. You must book in a lodge motel room, either east, west or south.
  • Do not forget to return a signed copy of this document signifying your agreement with these conditions.